I have completed my studies in the field of accountancy but my passion remains to be current affairs and politics. I was raised with a passion to acquire knowledge. Since my childhood I had interest in news, current affairs and general Knowledge. Quiz competition was one of my favourite things. I always loved to participate in Quiz competition.

I was also fascinated by Essay writing and was habitual of writing since a very young age.I have decided to express my views and share the treasures of knowledge with the world through a blog. I named my Blog Clickmania. I intend to write regularly on various range of issues in my Blog. Other than that I also manage this blog which I have named as disillusionment.

The tag line of my Blog is “Acquiring the correct knowledge ultimately leads to Disillusionment.

Seize the moment and the moment will Echo forever

You can also view my profile at  About.me/Adnan.Aamir